Research Areas


Dynamics and Control

  • Eric Butcher
Orbital mechanics, astrodynamics, and spacecraft guidance, navigation, and control, Spacecraft attitude and relative motion dynamics and control
  • Eniko T. Enikov
Design and fabrication of microelectromechanical systems (MEMS); assembly and packaging of sensors and transducers; and transport processes in solids
  • David Gaylor
  • Mathieu Jorger
  • Parviz E. Nikravesh
Navigation, guidance and control of dynamics systems
  • Mohammad Poursina
Computational Dynamics of Complex Systems
  • Aaron J. Rosengren
Astrodynamics, celestial mechanics and dynamical astronomy; applied and computational mathematics; nonlinear dynamics; and chaotic and complex systems

Fluid Dynamics

  • Stuart A. Craig
Aerodynamics, experimental fluid mechanics, boundary-layer stability and transition, and hydrodynamic stability
  • Hermann F. Fasel
Computational fluid dynamics, hydrodynamic stability, laminar-turbulent transition, turbulent flows, flow control, nonlinear dynamics and aerodynamics
  • Jeffrey W. Jacobs 
Experimental fluid mechanics; hydrodynamic instabilities, including Richtmyer- Meshkov and Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities; and turbulent mixing
  • Edward J. Kerschen 
Fluid mechanics and applied mathematics, unsteady flows, hydrodynamic stability and receptivity, aeroacoustics, and active flow control
  • Jesse Little 
Aerodynamics; active and passive flow control of separation, mixing and noise; experimental fluid mechanics; plasma actuators; and turbulent shear flows
  • Anatoli Tumin 
Hydrodynamic stability, laminar-turbulent transition, flow control, and aerodynamic heating
  • Israel J. Wygnanski
Aerodynamics (related to fixed-wing and rotary aircraft); control of separation, high-lift devices, and drag reduction; and aeroacoustics (jet noise, cavity noise, screech)
  • Yitshak Zohar
Biomicrofluidics: microscale manipulation of bio-species such as proteins, cells and tissues in microfluidic systems

Solid Mechanics

  • Erdogan Madenci  
Prediction of deformation and failure modes in metallic and composite materials, and characterization of mechanical properties of materials
  • Samy Missoum
Computer-aided engineering, reliability, robustness and optimization
  • Sergey V. Shkarayev
Aerodynamics, fluid-structure interactions and designing unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Xiaoyi Wu
Tissue engineering, biomechanics, biomaterials  and computational biomaterials
  • Olesya Zhupanska
Structural composites in extreme environments (electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical multifield effects; lightning strike and directed laser energy effects)


  • Cho Lik Chan
Heat transfer, materials processing and boundary element method
  • Barry D. Ganapol
Radiation and particle transport theory, fast reactor safety, applied mathematics and satellite remote sensing
  • Qing Hao
Nanoscale energy transport in advanced materials and nanoelectronics, and materials synthesis/characterization
  • Peiwen (Perry) Li
Fuel cells, electrolyzers, hydrogen generation and storage, energy and power systems, and heat mass transfer (in gas turbines and HVACR systems)

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